Home — 2305 Muriel Place

Since this is my HOME page, I thought it would be appropriate to add this photo of my home, 2305 Muriel Place, where Allen, my late husband, and I raised our sons. Allen built this home for us, pretty well singlehandedly, in 1988 — we lived there as families do, the years passing by. Finally, our sons left home and we looked forward to retirement. Sadly, Allen passed away suddenly very shortly before his retirement date.

The shock of Allen’s death was huge for me — but I stayed in our home and made so many efforts to go forward. I finally left 2305 almost 33 months after Allen’s passing and was very happy to pass our home along to one of my sons and his wife.

Now I am on my own, in a new environment, still trying to wrap my head around how I became a widow.